Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Saturday before EASTER…

I already mentioned the mall and the egg hunt at our friends’ house. We also dyed Easter Eggs at home. Because I am so on top of all things…we waited until the day before Easter to do this. AHEM.

So we got everything all ready. {Paul had to go to work. again. He is gone almost every Easter it seems}

IMG_0635 IMG_0637 IMG_0634

We put the little tablets into the appropriate cup. Or so we thought. Only one tab was actually in the matching colored cup.


Which one was it?


Yep. The blue.

That’s alright though. We like living on the edge.

The kids all wrote on their eggs with the little white crayon and then put them in whatever color they desired. Sage tossed hers into the little cup of dyed water.


Shayne wrote “I love Mommy” on one. “I love Daddy” on another. “I love Mr. D” on another. Mr. D is her teacher. Shayne thinks he is super nice and is so happy that he and his wife are going to have a kiddo somtime later this year!

What did Stormy write?

Her name.

Like usual.


Connor and Sage just scribbled a little on their eggs. Which was cool too.

I did make a “Mom 2 my crew” egg. Not sure why no pictures of it but c’est la vie! {“that’s life” for non-French reading folks. HA!}

So after this adventure it was bedtime so the Easter bunny would come visit.

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