Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A few sentences…

I am looking at my two-year-old standing beside me with her blanket over her head because that way “I can’t see her.” Yep. It’s waaayyyy past bedtime but she keeps coming downstairs. That girl is gonna make me crazy.

Speaking of that girl…guess who’s been wearing undies since the weekend? Well…besides me and most of the other people in my home. Yep. Potty-training is going amazingly smooth now. Why? Because she decided she was ready. Funny how that works. I have been trying and working and trying more to get this process done. And it was going like…well. It wasn’t. And now? It is. Little darling just had to make the decision. Not her Mama.

Easter weekend was super busy around here. I took the kids to the mall to have our traditional picture with the Easter Bunny. Holy long lines is all I have to say. I bet you are wondering how my darlings did? Well…Shayne knows about all this stuff. She did great. As did Cooper, Stormy and Connor. Did I leave anyone out? Why yes. Yes, I did. That’s because she wasn’t fine. Not.at.all. See?

I ran into the Dollar Store while Paul waited in line for the Bunny. The man in front of me pulled his cash out of his pocket to pay for his purchase and something else fell out of his pocket. It was in a gold wrapper with the word “MAGNUM” on it. Hope he wasn’t looking to use that particular item that evening. My girls were with me. I used my foot as a dodge tool so Stormy wouldn’t get too close to see it. Then I leaned down and tossed handed it to the cashier. His response? “At least someone was trying to be safe.” I agreed and said, “Yep. I just don’t want to explain that to my 9-year-old and 7-year-old.” He grinned. I walked out of the store and rushed to tell Paul. “Why didn’t you tap him on the shoulder and told him he dropped something?” Well…cause that wouldn’t have been awkward or anything right?!?!?

After this my good friend, Julie had invited the kids over for an Easter egg hunt. How sweet is that?


Yes. Julie is Shayne’s best friend, Lexi’s mom. And Shayne and Lexi posed for me also.


We also dyed Easter Eggs that evening. And the Bunny came and dropped off baskets for each kiddo and tossed eggs all over the living room. I will do a post about that tomorrow.

In the meantime…I have been finding all kinds of random photos on my small camera’s memory card. They crack me up.



So enough rambling for now. Cooper is trying to fall asleep on the floor next to me. Sage is opening the baby wipes. I think someone is in the bathroom upstairs opening every drawer looking for something. I don’t know what. But I do know it is bedtime. So goodnight!

I will try to post again tomorrow. Actually I know I will because I have something all cooked up and set to auto-publish! See you tomorrow. Same blog. Same me. New day!


  1. Julie really is an amazing friend. You're very lucky Sissy.