Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Just because I felt like updating…

I have been busy taking care of random things around the house today. Laundry is caught up. Kitchen is mostly picked up. I still have more to do but I wanted to take a little time away from cleaning to post. I have been thinking about my grandma like crazy. I miss knowing she was still here. Even though I didn’t get to see her very much, I knew where she was. She was reachable. And now…she’s not. It makes a difference.

So again…I wanted to just to a quick little update just to get my mind moving…


3.26.2011—This boy of mine. I should say this one boy of mine…since…you know…I have two boys. Anyways…this particular boy makes me crazy sometimes. And other times? He just totally melts me.


3.27.2011—Can you tell what this is? I will tell you if you don’t guess correctly in a couple of days.


3.28.2011—Again…that one older boy of mine. He wanted to put a puzzle together. Actually what he said was, “Pwease Momma? You help me put this puzzle together?” How could I refuse? I couldn’t. And I didn’t. We put it together. Also—this puzzle was mine when I used to collect Dopey stuff. Back in 1994. And only one piece is now missing thanks to my darlings. Not bad if I do say so myself.


3.29.2011—Yes I know. You saw this picture already. But I love it. She is seriously pretty. {Not that I’m biased or anything}


3.30.2011—Big ol’ baby blues lookin’ at you!

229 f

3.31.2011—in honor of my sister’s favorite sport and because she went to the opener game and our home team lost, Coop wore his baseball sleeper.


4.1.2011—yes. Stormy is eating one of my favorite candies. EVER. Cavity in a tube. Squeeze Pops. I ordered a case of them off of Amazon. And no. I’m not joking. I love them. And we still have 15 of them left. Out of the 18 that came. I  mean we have 13 left. Soon to be 12.


4.2.2011—Can you see him? The red blur closer to the top of the picture? Connor got invited to his first birthday party with a  school friend. He acted shy when we got there. He pulled me down to him and whispered, “Momma. You stay wif me?” He has never, never done that. I’m not sure what the deal was but…I stayed. He is my little man after all. And he didn’t care that I was there within a few minutes. The little girls at the party were having a blast until they saw Cooper out of his seat. He became the new fun game to play. Meaning…they wanted to hold him.


4.3.2011—smokes. I love this boy. I laid down to nurse him. He fell asleep. With his little hand up like he always does.


4.4.2011—His hands weren’t up in this picture. Thank God for my cell phone camera. Usually at the end of the day I snap a picture with it. Of anything I see. Just in case. I don’t want to miss a day for my challenge.


4.5.2011— “Oh hello naughty girl. What have you been doing?” “Nofing.” Uh-huh. Yeah…right.


So another catch up post done. I still haven’t missed any days of my challenge.

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