Friday, April 8, 2011

The Secret and suckiness

You know how sometimes when things are great they are seriously great? You know how sometimes when things suck, they seriously suck?

This week has been an off week for us. Life goes on after the death of a loved one but it takes a bit to get back in the normal groove. At least for me it does. With my Grandmother passing on Monday and the visitation on Wednesday and the funeral on Thursday, I have been out of it. Yes, I’m beyond sad that she passed but I also know she is in a much better place.

I got a text this morning from Julie, asking me if I was going to go to the Math awards medal ceremony thing.

Um…crap. I forgot it was today. I did remember to pack a lunch for Stormy because she has a fieldtrip {that I didn’t get signed up to go because siblings aren’t allowed}. I also packed a lunch for Shayne because she begged and begged asked politely. Why don’t I pack lunches for them? Because I pay for school lunches and they have super healthy options for the kids. They get to choose A, B or C lunch at school. C is always PB & J, just in case the kids don’t like their other options. Along with the main item, there are of course side choices that are again, healthy. When I had school lunches, we didn’t have choices. You ate the glob of chicken and noodles they put on your plate or you didn’t. So…anyways…I packed lunches today. The girls were in a good mood when they left. Which made me in good mood. Until the text.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to get there in time with the other darlings I have at home. I asked Julie to give Shayne a squeeze for me. She did. And she sent me a picture with some good news…


Can you see it?

Gold Medal.

Thank God for good friends like Julie to capture this when I couldn’t be there.

So yep. Another wonderful Mom of the year award medal for me.

Next week is going to be better. Because I am saying so. I am going to make it so.

I need to re-read a book my sister got me called “the Secret.” If you haven’t read it, go read it. I have worn some of the pages out from reading it. It talks about how you make things happen. I know, sounds obvious. But really… it is really much deeper than that. So I’m off to make things better. Because I said.


  1. Congratulations Shayne!!! be sure and give her a kiss and hug from me. You are still a fantastic momma!!

  2. Yeaaa Shayne!!! And Deep Breath Mommy! There's only so much of you to go around, and sometimes things get in the way! But It's OK! We all have a moment (or a few) where we all got the "Mom of the year award". My biggest one was when I scheduled Friday off to Attend Megan's Parent-Time Christmas get together at Maranatha Academy. Only to have Megan come home in uncontrollable tears because (as she so sweetly put it) "I was the only one without a parent at our party today, you forgot me".... Mommy had the wrong day on the calendar!

    So Take A Deep Breath, and know.... You Are NOT Alone!

    Hang in there Mom!! You are doing a WONDERFUL job!