Saturday, March 5, 2011

The unload story


So we buy the dishwasher. We fold down all the seats in the back of the van. Except for where Cooper and Sage sit of course. We pick it up in the loading section with no problems. It was perfect timing too. Paul had a check-up at the Dr.’s office for his finger at 2:30PM. We get to the appointment and in he goes. It’s just supposed to be a fast peek at it. I started getting a little antsy waiting in the car because we needed to take the dishwasher home and pick up the big kids from school at 3:25PM. At 3:00PM I texted Paul.


He responded back, “Still waiting on Dr. Go ahead and go.”

My response? “Won’t do much good. Where are kids gonna sit?”

“Just have them sit around it.”

“Yeah. Cause that’s safe.”

A few minutes later I sent another text.

“I’ll be back for you.”

I haul booty home. I open the back of the van. I don’t think it should be that heavy.



It’s not. I get it out slowly and set it on the garage floor. I fold up the seats and take off to the school. I get there at 3:28PM. I pull into the back of the car line with more cars following behind me. Piece of cake baby.

I had also talked to Paul. There is a mall across the street from the Dr.’s office. I ask him to walk over there because Cooper needs a pair of jeans size 3-6mo. He does. He also called to tell me that they have shorts for Connor for $5.99. He asks me what colors. I love this guy.

Myself and the kiddos head back up towards the mall. I ask Paul if he will please get me an order of pretzel bites and a drink. And an order of pretzel bites for the kids. He does. Man…I really love this guy.

We get Paul picked up and then we head home. Paul got the dishwasher installed after a few small adjustments. It is so much more quiet than our old one. And guess what else?

It doesn’t leak.

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  1. He is definately a keeper! Hope the finger is healing well.