Saturday, March 5, 2011


Is it sad that new appliances can make me giddy with joy?


My kids are actually excited about the new appliance as well. I’m not sure they know why.


The newness…the never used before…the change!


Thank goodness for our tax return. It came just in time for us to realize how badly our hard wood floors are warped from the dishwasher leaking. Not exactly sure what we are going to do about the floors yet. At this point tiling everything sounds fantastic. But I don’t want to make any hasty decisions. We did know we needed a new dishwasher. I researched these a little bit. And then we headed out to the store after dropping Connor off at school. We went in, talked to a salesman, found this one and within 15 minutes, the sale was done. I think the salesman was relieved. Two reasons. 1—probably the fastest sale of the day. 2—the fastest sale meant Sage wouldn’t tear up their showroom because she was running around touching everything. We headed up to the “returned items” section. We were just looking. So was Sage. She decided to make the hide under the tables until Daddy catches me into an art form. This old man was standing down on one end just watching. He kept smiling and then I watched him point and tell his wife and he was smiling. Sage didn’t know anyone was watching her. She was giggling and crawling under the tables as fast as she could with Paul leaning down trying to catch her. It was really funny.

How this was unloaded at our house is a story. That will auto-publish later today!

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  1. It is not sad to be giddy over a new appliance. Heck, I'm giddy over anything new! The kids probably can't wait to play with the box. Did you take pictures of Sage and Paul playing?