Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What is the most disgusting place you’ve eaten at?

I’ll tell you mine.

Recently, Paul and I went out to eat with all the kiddos. We decided to try a new to us place. Shayne wanted breakfast for dinner so we should have gone to iHop. But nope. Risk-takers that we are we headed over to the Waffle House.

The seating is designed more as a diner set up. Seriously…most of the seats are single tables and the booths are for a couple. The problem with that for us is pretty obvious. We went in with 7 people. There were 3 booths that were big enough for four so we took 2 of them.

Not a big deal.

Our waitress comes and takes our order after explaining to us how the restaurant works. No—really. They have these refrigerators right here and the grill is there so they shouldn’t have to go in the back and the register is where you pay. Why would she explain all of this? Paul said, “We’ve never been here before. What’s good?”

So we placed our orders. The kids all wanted the waffle kids plate. I ordered a BLT. Paul ordered a really big meal that had a little of everything {he had to share with Sage}. A short time later, we got our food. The kids all dig in. They seem to really like it. And then I take a bite of mine,even though the toast is burnt.IMAG0349

I chew once. I chew twice. Oh my Lord. My bacon tasted…what’s the word…FRICKEN GROSS. NASTY. DISGUSTING. YUCKY. The girls are sitting with me and ask me if I’m okay because I still hadn’t swallowed yet. I smile and tell them I’m fine. I quickly swallow and then drink my entire Coke in a couple of swallows. Holy crap that was nasty bacon. I ask Paul quietly if his food is good. He gives me the hand sign that it is so/so. I tell him mine is horrible. He gets irritated. You see…I am the pickiest of picky eaters. I am a freak about food. I am fully aware that I am pickier than most. That drives him crazy. Anyways…I hand Shayne a piece of my bacon and tell her to give it to Paul. Paul eats it. And then I see him drinking his drink quickly. AH-HA! I don’t eat any more of what is on my plate. I take a few bites of the kids’ waffles…which are delicious! I tell Paul I am ready to go whenever. I take all the kids out to the car while he pays. He gets in and we both look at each other…


“That was nasty.”

“Your bacon tasted horrible. Mine didn’t taste that bad but it still wasn’t good.”

I put two pieces of gum in my mouth and start chomping like a crazy person trying to get the taste out of my mouth. It didn’t help.

So the odds of us going back to that Waffle House?


IMAG0348 IMAG0347 IMAG0346

We may try a different Waffle House. Just not that one. Because…EEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWW!



  1. Bummer! One trip to a Waffle House was enough for me too. Didn't help that the floor, seat, table, everything was super, super sticky (I'm complete adverse to all things sticky...).

    And my hubby knows that if we're out and my food sucks, I trade with him. No questions asked. Even "made" him do it the first time I had dinner with his best friends. "Yes, guys, this is my super picky wife-to-be..."

    I think it just makes us all special!

    Nice post!

  2. If we go some place new, I usually order French Toast or pancakes. I mean, if they screw those items up, geez!!

  3. I can't stand Waffle House either. It's just too greasy for my taste. I'm never going there again. Perkins is where I go for a good breakfast anytime.