Sunday, March 27, 2011

I’m making an exception for my no tech weekend today.

Because it’s March 27th.

I don’t post very often about my father.

Thirty years ago today my Dad went home to Heaven.

I still wonder about him. Almost every day.

I wonder…

did he hide from us when we were making him crazy like I do from my kids?

did he laugh at the ridiculous things two-year-olds do like I do?

did he cringe at the smell of another dirty diaper like I sometimes do?

does he watch over us?

Things I do know about him?

His handwriting was sloppy. I know this because I have some of his discharge paperwork from the Navy. I also know my brother writes like him.

I do know he liked to play softball.

I do know his birthday is December 28.—He was 31 when he passed.

I do know my brother looks like him.

Not much else really do I know.

I have heard he was a really funny guy. Which my brother also inherited.




If you are watching over us and your grand-kids…please keep them safe. They are everything to me. I hope you see how special they are too. I hope I am making you proud. All 3 are going to play ball this spring/summer. So maybe they did inherit your love of the game. Which is awesome. Watch them play. And if you check the stands, I’ll be there. I’ll save you a seat.

Always, Debbie {aka…the good twinWinking smile }

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