Friday, March 25, 2011

One last post for the weekend…

I am taking a technological break this weekend. Kind of.

I will still have my cell phone.

I will still watch TV.

I will still use other electrical appliances {washer, dryer, dishwasher, stove, etc}.

So what am I talking about?

The computer of course.

And the elliptical. {HA! take that technology!}

I may have to use it to upload photos I take. I got something in the mail that I have to test out in pictures so that may be the exception.

So what am I going to post on this fine Friday evening.


Are you ready?

Comfy clothes on? Comfy seat? Drink nearby? Snacks?



I posted this on facebook. Paul and I were out running errands and he left his sunglasses at home. I offered him a pair of my extras. He asked Sage to share hers. She did. They are Hello Kitty. And sized for a toddler head. People driving by were looking at him funny. Now that could’ve been the sunglasses. Or the fact that he would look at them and either smile really big or just stare back until the uncomfortableness made them look away.



That’s my view most of the time. His fuzzy little head.


112 copy copy

I have so many other pictures I could post for this date. But this is one of my favorites. The kid and the picture of course.



The famous Hello Kitty shades on Sage. Upside down of course because…well why not?


I am typing before the pictures for this date.

It was crazy hair day at school. No colored hair and no wigs were the rules.



So we put a ton of pig-tails all over their heads and bows (that’s what Stormy wanted) and teased the heck out their hair.


It was Wacky Wednesday at school. I mentioned this one a little while ago. Stormy came up with her own thing this year.




She wore her pants backwards and her shirt too. My favorite part was the snow-boots covering up Christmas socks and the twinkle toe shoe with Halloween sock showing. Which in all honesty, she would wear all of her holiday socks year round if I didn’t hide them from her.


Dress like a movie star or hero day.


What did my darlings choose?

Dentist for Stormy—it’s no coincidence she would pick something that most people cringe at having to deal with.

Fireman—my little stud, Connor. Although, he really wants to be a farmer when he grows up.

Doctor—very appropriately chosen by my oldest kiddo, Shayne. She wanted to check for blood pressure and heart-beats on anything that would let her. But what she has told me a hundred times she wants to do when she grows up? She wants to be a mom. Go figure.



Today. I love that Connor was putting his arms around the big girls. I love that he told them not to choke him right before I took this. I love that Sage is trying to figure out what is going on. I love that she is also, still in her pajamas even though it is early afternoon at this point. Ah…to be 2.

Do you mind if I show you one more picture?

Just one. or two max.



Fine. Just one. I promise. Because I love it. And especially love the kid in the picture.

090 c

She was wearing that green shirt eating a pear. The colors seemed too perfect to be true. Wanna see the original? Just so you have a comparison thing… And since it is the same picture it counts as one right?

090 c090

Which one did I edit?

The one on the left. I think.

No-that’s it. I promise.

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  1. I love the pictures! and the one with the pear is wild that it matches her shirt!