Monday, March 28, 2011

Why I’m not the perfect Mom…

{I am already cringing and dreading publishing this post. My flaws all out in the open for all to see. ugh. But it will hopefully motivate me to be better. And if it motivates you…let me know! OR if you do some of the same stuff I do…please…tell me. It always helps to not feel alone!}

SO…Why I’m not the perfect Mom?

I do my best. I still fall short on sooooo many things though.

For example[s]

I don’t always feed my kids healthy. As in…I do feed them McD’s, Taco Bell, Sonic, pizza, candy, pop for some of them,…etc. I do feed them though so there’s something positive in all that. Oh…and at McDs—they love the apple dippers. I don’t give them the caramel though.Because I eat it.

I almost never order Kids meals when we do eat out. It is crazy expensive that way. When I actually do order kids meals…my kids think I’m the greatest.

I yell. I am working on this unattractive feature of mine. I try not to yell. I count. When I hit 10 and am still hocked off…it’s not a good thing.

Something that I am so embarrassed to admit? I am a cursing fool. My kids know it isn’t okay to curse. I use the whole… “I’m the mom, that’s why.” And “Do as I say, not as I do” thing.

I don’t read bedtime stories every night.

I let the big kids have TVs in their room. They aren't allowed to watch them if they have school the next day. Although every once in awhile I do let them.

I don’t let the kids play the Wii that much.

My kids fight. And I can be heard saying, “Leave her alone if you don’t want her to kick your butt then.”

I don’t go on the fieldtrips with my kids. If Paul can, then he goes. If Paul can’t take off work then neither of us get to. *This one really does bother me. But most fieldtrips don’t allow young siblings to go and someone has to take care of them right?

I only let them take baths every so often. Showers are much more quick. And less mess for me to clean up. I know that kids love to take baths and splash and….all the stuff they love about baths. But really? It’s a pain in the butt for me. And with 5 kids the hot water only lasts so long. I do let them take baths…just not every night. And no…I don’t let them get all gross. They take showers almost every night during the summer and every other night in the winter.

I have borrowed money from them to pay the tooth fairy so the tooth fairy can pay them. {which I pay back…when I remember}

I don’t pick up every night. No—I really don’t. When the kids go to bed, so do I. The sink may have dishes in it. Toys may be all over the living room. Shoes found scattered wherever they fell. And I…just leave it. The mess will be there in the morning for me. The down time I have is precious. I talk to Cooper. Feed him. Put him in bed and then I…eat BBQ sunflower seeds and watch Golden Girls or Family Guy. I also love Futurama. Paul hates that I eat seeds in bed. I don’t care. He snores.




With a huge knot in my stomach I’m hitting publish…



  1. The perfect mom is a myth! For what it's are an AWESOME MOM!!

  2. Oh you poor dear! I could add sooo many more things to your list! Please don't think that you are a bad mom! I think it's great that you put it out there. It makes me feel at least a little normal! And Charlotte is right...the perfect mom doesn't exist!

  3. Oh honey, you're SO not alone... My list (should I ever be brave enough to write it...) would be MUCH, MUCH longer...