Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow fun is a small form of torture.

For parents that is.

Don’t get me wrong. I love snow.


The getting the kids ready to play in it. The looking for boots, gloves, mittens and what not's…I don’t love.

Maybe that is one reason my mom moved us to California when we were younger. Hmmm…


Today is a snow day. I didn’t get to sleep in but that is a long story. I was going to let the kids sleep in. The only school day that Connor could’ve slept in…he was walking down the stairs at 7:30AM. Sheesh. Go figure right? As it happens last night, Paul went to the store to buy a shovel. He also bought Connor a shovel because Connor asked. So what do you think were some of the first words out of his mouth after realizing we did indeed have snow?

“Can I shovel the snow? Pweease. Pweeassee. Pweeaseee Momma?!?!?”

I told him no. It was too early and cold.

Fast forward to 8:30AM. The girls come tearing down the hall all dressed for school. I smile and tell them no school! Shayne’s response?

“WHAT?!? I got dressed for nothing?!?”

Go ahead and giggle. I did.

A little while later I decided the kids needed to go outside. Not that I wanted them to. But it is a part of childhood I don’t want them to miss out on. And Connor was dying to use his shovel. The girls were asking what they could shovel with.

My kids think shoveling is fun?!? Alrighty then!

Here are a few pics from the fun activities.


Yes…the little pink one is Sage. She didn’t last outside too long. She kept taking her mittens off.


My Shayne. That girl is seriously pretty.

This next one of Stormy. See how proud she looks? That is her version of a snow man down by her feet.


See her expression in the next one?


Connor smooshed her snowman.

He is all boy.


Paul bought me a shovel. We needed one but do you see the color of shovel he bought?


My favorite color! Not yellow snow. The yellow shovel!

And last but not least a few photos I played with a little for kids I love a lot.

041 bw

095 bw

094 bw

093 bw

Are you all enjoying my photo challenge photos so far? I know we are only 10 days in but I haven’t missed any yet. My old blog has my first photo challenge I ever did. If you feel so inclined to go all the way back and read through that one you may.  I missed a few days in there. I still remember how many days total I missed. My goal is to miss less than that this time around.

There are other challenges you could do. There is the weekly. Or even possibly a monthly theme option. You could take a picture each month of something you have accomplished that you really wanted to do. My friend and fellow blogger, Beth has already met part I of a goal she set. She went out on a date night with her hubby. She wants to do that once a month this year. How fun would that be to take a picture on each date night? Nothing fancy or anything. But a good way to remind yourself of how much you love someone is to take a quick picture. It brings warm fuzzy feelings when you look at them. (BETH—you should totally do this. Tell Brian I said so! Smile) Maybe that is something I will attempt as well.

Show me your snow pictures or send me a photo challenge you are going to do so I can check it out!

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  1. Love it!! All the kiddos are beautiful/handsome! Poor Stormy...hope she didn't clobber Connor!