Tuesday, January 11, 2011


9 years ago my whole life changed forever. A change that made me realize what I was put on this earth to be. A baby was born that I would do anything for. My heart beat just for that baby that day and every day since. The most special day ever. The day I became a Mom.


Also—the day I experienced physical pain. ACTUAL PAIN. The pain that ends all pain. Oh yes—the pain of natural childbirth. She was more than worth it.

“Our tiny treasure more precious than gold

has captured our hearts forever to hold”

Shayne was a beautiful baby.No—I’m not just bragging. Well, maybe a little but she really was a beautiful baby. A perfectly round head. Dark blue eyes. Fuzzy soft head. A deep little cry. And I can’t believe she is 9 now.

I am the luckiest person in the world to have this little girl as my daughter. She is kind. She has a giggle that makes you smile…no matter what mood you are in. She is the best big sister ever. She is…Shayne Emily.


Shayne was born on a Friday. I did her birth story on my other blog so I won’t repeat it (yet) on this blog.

But I will share some photos from the past few years…

At the hospital…




Her first birthday:


When Shayne became a big sister…


The many expressions of Shayne…

aaaaaa eeeeee

 shayne125  shayne121 shayne128 

Even in her lion costume she still has her own style…


Sleeping in her room…which hardly ever happened…


She has always loved the snow…


Ms. Personality…


When she turned 4:


And today…she is 9.


My sweet Shayne Emily.

I love you. Big as the moon. Far as the stars. And more. Forever.


  1. She is a beautiful little and girl and seems like she has a beuatiful soul! It sounds like you are doing a wonderful job raising her!! Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday my Shayne Emily! Grandma loves you so very much! (like mama says..as big as the moon and as far as the stars!)