Sunday, January 9, 2011

So many challenges all rolled into one.

Here is my photo challenge photo from 1.8.2011:


Can you tell what it is? More on that in a minute.

Here is my photo challenge photo from 1.9.2011


Yep. I got up and cooked breakfast. This is kind of a big deal. So whenever I do it, I like to make sure to document it. What do my kids think about it?


That kid is the one that requested it. I aim to please baby. Seriously though, it was a good breakfast for the kids. Most of the time it is simple breakfast stuff. I try to cook at least once a week. Breakfast that is. I cook way more than once a week. No, really I do.

You believe me right?!?!

Okay. Back to the challenge picture from the 8th.

This one.


You may have guessed it is a pen of sorts.

It is. I am {until further notice} babysitting some fur balls for my sister.

Here are the fur balls I am referring to:


Tinkerbell {red collar} and Tiger Lily {pink collar}.

Tinkerbell is kind of the dingy special one. Tiger Lily is very laid back. But they are both really good dogs. But they are only one year old. Puppies. Do you know what puppies do if left to their own devices?

Tear up everything. So that is why we have set the pen up in the house. At bed-time they are in there. And sometimes if I need to put Cooper down and I don’t want dog slobber all over him. I will have a few more stories about these two lovely girls before too long. Trust me.

And one last item I want to share.


He has my heart. In the most serious way. Do you see his dimple?




Okay I’m back from swooning. Isn’t he…perfect?

Oh…I don’t leave Connor in the dog’s play pen. If you were wondering.

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  1. Thanks for clarifying about the pen! Love the pics and especially the dimple!!!