Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More random thoughts…

yes. I have taken my photo challenge photos. Nope. I am not posting them just yet. I am too lazy to take them off of the camera which is two feet (or less) from me. Some are also on my cell.

I have a huge announcement. It’s coming at the end of this post.

I worked out today. My arms and shoulders are killing me. I researched some safe ways for breastfeeding mothers to lose weight. It’s so depressing to think about my weight.

I ran a couple of errands after I dropped Connor off at school. It’s kind of weird for me to have to shop with only 2 kids. It is so…easy. Normally I take all 5. I smile when people say that I have my hands full when I only have two kids with me.

I am really missing my family right now. I hope I get to see everyone soon. We are all so busy with…life.

My sister’s furballs are still here. She’s coming to get them this weekend. I so do not want any animals in our home. Five kids is enough for me to take care of.

Paul ate the rest of the triple berry muffins that I was saving for Stormy for breakfast tomorrow. And he ate a few of the homemade chocolate chip cookies.

We had salads for dinner. It made me feel less guilty for eating a few of the cookies today. The kids LOVE salad night. I put scoops of stuff on their plate and the mix and eat whatever their hearts desire. I forgot to pull the cut up chicken out of the fridge for the salads. I think that will be lunch tomorrow.

We read over 15 books tonight between all of the kids. Pretty cool right? They are starting to enjoy reading and I want to encourage that!

Paul is playing COD right now. Cooper is sitting right beside him starting to fuss. I can hear the big girls upstairs messing around even though they are supposed to be sleeping. Sage has gotten out of bed once. I put her back in her bed with two books clutched in a death grip in her little hands.

I think I may have another cookie before I head up to bed. I know it’s early but I am tired.

My huge announcement?

Hi. My name is Debbie. I am addicted to Angry Birds.

No really-I am. Is there a support group for people like me? I am trying desperately to beat Paul on all levels before he beats me. There is something so weird about that. I even had a dream the other night about how to knock the critters down.



  1. I'm proud of you for working out. I don't know how you find time.
    Also-miss you too :) We need to plan a sibling gathering :)

  2. I agree with Bonnie, way to go on the workout! I don't know anything about "angry birds" so I can't help you there, but hope you beat Paul!! lol