Wednesday, January 26, 2011

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When Sage is really tired she falls asleep in the car when we take Connor to school. You see he goes to school in the afternoon. Right after lunch. Which at our house also means…NAPTIME. Heavenly, blissful, wonderful nap time. Sometimes Sage is cranky when we are getting ready to leave because she is exhausted at this point. There are some tricks I use to make her happy. Sometimes she even falls asleep in the car. Which only stinks that I have to wake her up when we get home five-minutes later. Anywhoo…one of my tricks is to let her wear whatever she wants on her feet as long as we don’t have anywhere else to go. The things she chooses never ceases to make me smile.

IMAG0224 IMAG0225


My little snow devil.

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We went outside to play in the white cold messy stuff because the temperature was actually decent. You know, it’s amazing how 38 degrees can feel warm after single digit temperatures. I will share more pictures from this fun outside afternoon in another post.


I have a few photos I want to share from today. Just because.

I dressed Sage in this super cute outfit. Which she knows is BUE!! I mean blue. But in Sage-speak, BUE is blue.100

I haven’t had too many pictures of one of darlings on here recently so here is a quick one I snapped as she was walking to the door.


My mini-me also stopped for a quick picture. She really is beautiful. I can’t believe her 7th birthday is right around the corner.


Someone learned how to blow spit bubbles. And because he’s so darn cute…here’s a picture of it!


My two sons. How weird it is for me to type that. I am still amazed that I have two sons. These two sons of mine look so much alike, it’s crazy! They both furrow their little eyebrows. See:

119 127

Connor always looks like he’s in pain when I take pictures of him. Cooper almost always smiles right before I take a picture and right after.



Now—I am caught up on the photo challenge on the blog. I am going to try to do better about posting these on the right day. No promises though. I have laundry challenge daily. As a matter of fact…I forgot to switch laundry loads earlier.

First I have books to read. Faces to kiss. Prayers to say. Hugs to give. Lights to be turned off. Then laundry. Or sleep. Or laundry. Oh—the suspense is killing me. What will I choose?!?


  1. Love the shoes! I woudl not like having to take Parker out everyday at that time. If I had to wake him up to get back into the house he wouldn't go back to bed.

  2. The slippers are adorable, just like the little one wearing them! Give all the babies kisses for me!

  3. Your babies crack me up. More Doodles!