Monday, January 24, 2011

Random thoughts and issues

I had to wash my bedding because Cooper spit up most of what he ate at 4AM on me. Or rather…on my bedding. I had the mattress pad hanging over the stairs to completely dry while the sheets were in the dryer. A certain little miss walked under the hanging pad like it was a tent. I was slightly perturbed by this because she was a mess. No really. A MESS. She had (what I thought) was burrito on her face from dinner. There are worse things than a mess on the super freshly washed mattress pad though right?

I made chocolate chip cookies from scratch tonight. I cannot tell you the last time that happened. I LOVE my mixer. Yes this one:


I also made chocolate chip muffins and triple berry muffins. Those were Betty Crocker mixes but I still added the water and mixed them.

The kids were being obnoxious. Well…not really. They were being kids. I was being a control freak. Cannot believe I confessed that little secret of mine. Let’s keep that between us okay?

I had the girls go take showers while I finished cleaning up the kitchen for the ump-teenth time and nursing and playing with Cooper for a few minutes. The girls were messing around and just…and just…being 9 and 7. Oh and the naughty 2 also.

After some minor yelling, they shaped up. So I thought. I read Sage her bed-time stories. 3 of them. “It’s Pajama Time” “I Promise I’ll Find You” “If Kisses Were Colors”. Why did I tell you those? You should read two of them. No-really. Go check them out. I love them!

I tucked Sage in. She said, “I up Mama.”

“No Sage. Not up. Down. Go to sleep. I love you. Big as the moon…”

“Far as stars.”

“Yes baby. And more.”

I shut her door and headed down the hall to Connor’s room. I read him a couple of stories. “Panda Bear Panda Bear” and “Is your Mama a Llama?” Connor likes those books. He held Cooper for a second, gave him a kiss and then me and then lights out.

I walked back down the hallway to the big girls room. Stormy was reading “The Grouchy Ladybug.” I helped them pick out their clothes, told them to go to sleep fast if they wanted to earn being un-grounded (grounded for not listening and being hateful to me when I was talking to them), gave them kisses, let them hold Cooper and then lights out.

I head down the hall to my room. I notice my mattress has some brown spots on it. Ugh. Sage must have rubbed her face on it.

Wait a sec. That’s not burrito.

It’s BROWN MARKER. I take a few deep breaths. And then I see the marker on the nightstand. Mocking me. I grab it and toss it in the trash. Sage is a lucky little girl that she was in bed. I was NOT HAPPY.

I started to make my bed. I found marks on the freshly washed mattress pad. I sighed. I called my twin to vent. I calmed down. I finished making my bed. I found the nail polish on the comforter from when Stormy was little. I found the little scissor hole from Connor. I had to smile. My house is a home. It is very lived in. And very loved.

As I am typing this I am thankful that I have kids that are naughty sometimes. What would my life be like if they did nothing wrong ever? BORING.

Thank God for the naughty ones.

Oh—and I am throwing all non-washable markers away.


{And just because I like to share pictures of my babies…here you go!}