Thursday, March 13, 2014

It’s almost over…

Basketball season that is.

This year was different for us.

Shayne played on a team that was missing her best friend. She also played on a team with only a couple of girls from the previous year.

Shayne played her heart out each game. I’m sad to say, not all the players did. It’s funny how you can tell when a kid does not want to play a sport that their parents want them to. You know the ones. They don’t hustle when it’s obvious they should. They just stand there sulking that they have to participate. It is so frustrating. I’m not even the coach and it was frustrating.

There are also kids that want to play and try.

Even if they make mistakes, they still try.

This year was also different because another kid of ours wanted to try basketball.


Yep. Connor did.


He wasn’t the best player on the team. He tried though. He ran when he was supposed to. He tried so hard.

And the coolest thing happened when he was given the chance.

He scored.

Yep. One basket this season. It was enough. I didn’t record it. Or get pictures. It’s forever in my mind though.


This kid though:

20140301_090814for blog

She ran. And then she ran harder.


She probably played the best season of basketball for her EVER.

20140118_144346for blog

We have one game left for each kid. And until next year…this year was one to make this Momma proud.

Not because of the scores of the games.

But because I know that my kids tried.

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