Friday, March 7, 2014


Yes…I’m still around.

Doing the usual stuff.

I couldn’t remember if I posted about Valentine’s Day.

Nope. I didn’t.

Saylor had her 15 month check up (with shots. What an awesome Valentine’s gift from her Momma right?) The kids were also out of school. So…they all got to go.


They all also had on pink or red or Valentine’s Day shirts. Which this holiday loving Momma, LOVED!


After I asked the kids what they wanted to do for Valentine’s. Go swimming at the Y or go see a movie.

The picked swimming.

As a gift to myself, I worked out for a bit. Shayne also got to. There are some tween approved machines she can use. Makes her feel all grown up.


I wasn’t going to get the kids anything. At the last second, I caved. I ran into Target. Grabbed these cute clearance bags and a tiny gift for each kiddo.


The boys each got a Lego pack (the ones with the little dudes inside?) Saylor got a big Lego head thing that she carries around occasionally now). Shayne and Stormy got loom bands. Sage got some rubber blinking light rings.


(And  no. I have no idea why Shayne  is making that face. Because she can I guess is the best reason I can come up with.)

I also got Paul something.

The card made me laugh. Seriously.


What did I get him? Protein bars. Also, some of his favorite candy bars. Guesses on his favorite candy bar? It makes me smile because I just learned this not that long ago.


The only Valentine I got was from Sage. She colored me a picture. Which was wonderful.

Paul got home early in the morning the next day. When I came downstairs, he had surprised me by leaving a gift and roses on the stove.


With my favorite candy bars. And a really sweet card.

So not too bad for Valentine’s Day this year.

I have plenty more stories and pictures to share…

Maybe I will get back into blogging again.

See you soon!

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  1. Well I'm sick of you! J/K. Happy that your Valentine remembered you :)