Wednesday, January 22, 2014

As mentioned…

I was unsure if I was going to be blogging at all this year. I was right. It’s 3 weeks into the new year and I’ve blogged once.

Since I’m using this platform as a scrapbook of sorts, I should probably catch up.

Not a post loaded with pictures but a few…

So my girl turned 12. Yep. She’s officially a pre-teen. WHICH IS INSANE TO ME! The little girl that sucked her thumb until she was 6. That was only 6 years ago!

She wanted a basketball themed party.


So I took her and some of her friends to a women’s college basketball game. The girls had fun!


Then it was time for the sleepover.


They only stayed up until 3AM I think. I checked on them at 3:30 thinking it would be crazy still…nope. Everyone was exhausted and sound asleep!

And in my usual fashion, I had to get a shoot in on her actual birthday.

The lighting was HORRIBLY timed for this shoot. But I can’t fight the sun. So…find some shade or make do with what you have.

Which is what I did.




My beautiful girl.


  1. The pictures are great! What a beautiful girl. My girls will be 16 and 12 next month :(

  2. I don't think the lighting was bad. I think she looks and is beautiful - you just captured it for the rest of us.