Friday, December 13, 2013


Week 47

11.19.2013—I took a picture of my monitor. Can you see the actual image?


11.20.2013—Check out her boots!


11.21.2013—I’m counting this because I shared it again on this date. It’s obviously an old picture. I also found from when I scanned it in. The file I named it was what was written on the back. Would you like me to tell you which twin I am in this picture? Because now I know…


11.22.2013—Yes. Coop is mad. He couldn’t have dessert because he refused to eat any of his dinner.


11.23.2013—My twinkie and her 2nd daughter.


11.24.2013—this picture is so good for my heart.


11.25.2013—she does this face when she knows the flash from my cell is coming.


Week 48

11.26.2013—seriously creepy. She’s sleeping. With eyes peeped open. {shudder}


11.27.2013-yep. this is the same kid that’s in the above picture (a few above) with my twin. This is my niece. I got to do her sweet 16 pics! She is such a great kiddo. I love her lots.


11.28.2013—Thanksgiving. I wish Paul could’ve gone with us. I’m still thankful I got to spend the day with family. I just wish he could’ve done the same.


11.29.2013—Is this not the coolest cell phone image? It’s from a mini-trip I took with the kids on the Friday following Thanksgiving.


11.30.2013—this is one of the most beautiful young ladies I know. And I miss her and her family so much since they moved. Which is why we went to see them!


12.1.2013—Right before we left from the mini-trip. I cried after we left this parking lot of the Taco Bell we ate lunch at.


12.2.2013—someone finally upgraded car seats. Yeah—she is still rear facing. And she hates this car seat. I would sit in it if I could.


Week 49

12.3.2013—This is from a last minute shoot for “the” picture. I love this. They were trying to hustle because of the daylight that was quickly fading. I may print this just for me…just because.


12.4.2013—for the first time we got a real tree. No-we didn’t go cut it down. It was so cold out. I love my family. Aren’t they all beautiful?


12.5.2013—the tree that Paul had to cut some of the top of to get the star on without hitting the ceiling.


12.6.2013—this was the morning that  later took that child to the jail. No, I’m not joking. That’s a story all by itself.




12.8.2013—see? That’s just how she sleeps.


12.9.2013—This little Coop. Dang he’s funny!!


And that is a caught up blog folks.

Mom—call me after you read this. I need to tell you about the twin picture.

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