Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Last trip to the pool.


I decided to take the crew to the pool for the last time for this season. IT WAS CRAZY.

And I didn’t want to go.

But I have kids that love the pool.

And my serious dislike of being in a swimsuit and taking 6 kids by myself the pool wasn’t going to hinder my decision to let them be happy.


This is how she napped while we were there.


This one kept dancing.


I got this one to take a picture with me!


I swear I feed her. Skinny Stormy.


This is probably one of my favorites from this trip. Except for the lady adjusting in the background (you just checked what I was talking about right?).


And nope. It was impossible to get a “good” shot of all the darlings from this trip.

So here’s one that is just a pleasant memory.


It also is now hotter than Hades where we live. Go figure. A crazy cool summer with more days that weren’t hot enough to swim. The pools are closed and we now need them!

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