Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A crappy start…

Pardon the title. It fits. Trust me.

A funny longish story...

So Stormy is in Singing Missiles and has to be at school early. I decide that today I will just hang out in the parking lot for 15 minutes and then let Connor go in rather than drive home only to turn around and head right back. I'm working with Connor on some math problems and going over spelling when Sage says,

"Saylor pooped."

"Okay Sage."

To which I hear, "NO. It's coming out of her diaper." I decide I better check just in case Sage is telling the truth.

I just peek at her diaper and think it’s not bad. I better change her.

And then I realize.

She really has pooped all the way up her right side. Onesie and all.


I get a handful of wipes and am trying to get her cleaned up when she puts her little hand down.

“AAAAA….No baby!”

Her response as she is waving her little messy hand around?

“AAAAAAA” with a smile of course.

I’m trying to clean her hands, her legs, her stomach, her side without getting mess on me.

Finally I manage to get a clean diaper on her, her gross onesie off another neck to toe wipe down, and the unbelievable diaper into a tiny plastic bag. The onesie is now folded just so I don’t grab where the mess is.

We make it home, Saylor is just as happy as a clam. I wash my hands with soap and water (yes I cleaned them with baby wipes and sanitizer but still). I get the gross onesie in the wash, the baby dressed and start smiling. What a way to start a morning.

So if you think you had a crappy start to your day please smile. I had a crappy start to my day….literally.20130918_091458

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