Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Last couple of days from our vacation…

So back on June 9th (yes. I am that far behind!) we were still on vacation…

What did we do in the fabulous place we were at?

Rode the Ducks.



Shayne got to drive. She’s talking to Captain Tater here:


Stormy was thrilled she got to be honorary captain also:


I sat back and hung with this 2 {Connor did NOT want to drive the duck}:


But the 2 that were BEYOND thrilled:


And Coop threw a fit when Paul had to peel him away from the steering wheel.

We also ate and swam and had a blast just hanging together.

The next day was packed beyond capacity of “stuff.”

I CANNOT BELIEVE I FORGOT…we also went to the Titanic. There’s only the picture they took because it is a museum that asks for no flash photography. It was so, so cool! They give each visitor a boarding pass with an actual passenger name.  I have all those passes. I’ll do this later but for now…I just wanted to make sure I mentioned this stop!

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