Wednesday, March 13, 2013


That would be me.

Not overboard on a ship or a boat.


I do go overboard with many things in life.

For the sake of this post (which I have been using that phrase a lot it seems) I’m referring to photos of Saylor.

So…do you mind? I have been taking other photos. But I really, REALLY want to share these.

They are so…make your heart smile photos.

And I don’t know of many people that can’t use an extra smile or two during the day.


Yep. I’m gonna share.

First let me show you the picture I put on instagram.


The responses to this were that it looks like a baby doll.

I have to agree.

But I have lots more where you can tell she is a real, live human baby.

And a little demonstration to how important lighting is for photos.

First I had her not facing the best light.


Adorable right?

Except…it’s dark. And grainy.

So technically speaking…ugh.

Then I turned her to what I thought was great light.


I ran an action using Photoshop to lighten up the shadows a little more…and voila.


Lovely right?

Oh…and also. I didn’t edit her eyes anyone. She really does have blue…gorgeous blue eyes.

Here is a picture SOOC {straight out of camera}.


And my edit:


And as far as how you can tell she’s a real live baby?


Her eyes were watery. Her nose has snot in it. And she drools.


While I wouldn’t blow those pictures up to poster size or anything they really do show how she was feeling.

And one more set…

First SOOC:


And my edit:


Even with a little cold…beautiful.


  1. You certainly made my heart smile and Gpa Alan says she is as beautiful as the rest of the kids!

  2. She definitely looks like a beautiful baby doll in the first and I love her sweet smile in the next few:)