Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be Mine…


Ah…too late.

They are mine.

And I couldn’t love them more.IMG_4161

This was also a certain sweetie’s FIRST Valentine’s ever. And I must confess…

She looked adorable…as usual.



And the rest of the crew?

Pretty adorable as well…



They were pretty happy with the little Valentine’s gifts I got them.


As for me…

They ran into the office and printed a card for me.

It said…Happy Valentine’s Day.


Shayne, Stormy, Connor, Sage, Cooper and Saylor.

It was perfect.

{Paul got me a card yesterday. He’s out of town today. My gift to him? A huge can of Mt. Dew and a PB cup heart. No card though. I had one picked out. When the cashier rang it up and it was $7.97 I said to put it back. No way am I paying that much money for a card.}

Hope your Valentine’s Day was like all the other days should be. Which is full of love.

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