Monday, January 28, 2013

You shouldn’t blog when you’re in a bad mood.

So I shouldn’t blog tonight.

An eleven-year-old not listening is not good.

At the end of not listening to repeated directions, and yelling, “I DON’T KNOW. I WASN’T LISTENING” is NOT good.

A four-year-old with major attitude telling me to shut up…is NOT GOOD.

A seven-year-old that is already crying about going to school in the morning is not good.

An almost-nine-year-old girl that brings a whole new level of attitude in this house and doesn’t want to read the book for the group she wanted to be in is NOT good.

A two-year-old that napped for maybe twenty minutes all day…is just a NOT good scene all together.

A beautiful two-month-old that has cranky time when I am trying to cook dinner is NOT good.

So now I’ve typed all that.

My bad mood?

Slowly dissipating.

I actually am smiling.

Things could be so much worse.

The baby is calm again…she is flapping away and cooing.

The other kids are getting ready for showers.

My bad mood is gone.

So I guess I could blog.


I already did.

See what good therapy a blog is?

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  1. Oh my goodness this sounds just like my house tonight....I cooked dinner with a screaming baby in my arms and I won't even get started with the other 4....lets just say that 1/2 of them are already in bed and the other 1/2 are well on their way! Thankfully my baby is also now calm and happy and of course being as cute as can be:)