Thursday, January 31, 2013

Week 4

1.22.2013—Coopie’s sick day included sitting on the couch/loveseat with bowl.

Even though he didn’t need the bowl.


1.23.2013—Dang…I could look at her for hours.


1.24.2013—This sweet/naughty Sage makes me smile…and yell…and smile…and…you get the idea.


1.25.2013—I had to take most of the crew to the Dr. office for a check up for a kid that isn’t even in the picture.


1.26.2013—This picture isn’t just of the soccer ball. What else could it be?


1.27.2013—Paul and I went out to dinner with his Dad and step-Mom, and brother and his wife and sister and her significant other. It was a crazy expensive dinner and sooooooo goooooood.


1.28.2013—This outfit she is wearing…ahhh…memories. It was Sage’s!

I also have more pictures and a story about this day!


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