Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Week 1…

1.1.2013—I love this one from our sledding adventure.


1.2.2013—I almost missed this date. Like…I only took two pictures the whole day. Crazy!


1.3.2013—Coopie is so funny right now. He finds the old toys much more entertaining than the new ones.


1.4.2013—My oldest and youngest loves.


1.5.2013—I squeezed Saylor into this sleeper. Sage wore it a lot when she was a baby. It’s been in the drawer. I kind of forgot about it. So I pulled it out and…yeah…Saylor is too long for it. So I put it on her for a quick squeeze picture and then…took it off and put it in the bag of stuff that doesn’t fit already. {sigh}


1.6.2013—This child is my Stormy girl.


1.7.2013—I’m wondering if my older son will ever be “normal” for pictures or if this is as normal as it is gonna get?


This post was the perfect starter week. Why?

It has a picture of each of my loves and Paul too.

Makes my heart smile.


  1. It's funny because Owen is my kid that is always goofy in pictures, I was kinda sad he was the only one I didn't get a pic of for my first week:(