Friday, September 21, 2012

Funny things my kids say…

Stormy was sitting by me for a second and then pops up, “I have to go burp a plant.”

My mind is racing. If she touches the only living plant I have, it will not go very well.

“What Stormy?”

“You know. Burp my plant. On the game.”

Thank God.


I was sitting on the couch eating a package of Smarties (I LOVE THOSE THINGS!)

Shayne comes in.

“I thought we weren’t supposed to eat in the living room?” In an accusing voice of course.

“Shayne. I’m trying to get my back where I have the band-aids to stop hurting.”

“Did the Dr. say to eat sugar?”

I laughed. And laughed. She missed the point that I was just sitting, trying to relax.


Stormy was talking about something {as she is usually talking…nonstop} and then I hear this,

“You guys can just pick me up at a bar.”

My darling girl is telling me I can pick her up at a bar?!?!? And she’s 8 years-old. Surely I misunderstood.

“What Stormy?”

“You know…a bar.”

We both look confused. And then it clicked with me.

“You mean a gymnastics bar like what you have been doing in gymnastics class?”

“Yeah. Just pick me up one of those so I can practice at home too.”

I have got to work with this girl on the words she puts together.

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  1. Typical lovely girls...Stormy funny without trying and Shayne caring for her new sister that isn't here yet!