Friday, September 7, 2012

Challenge Week 35

8.26.2012—See my big girls? Ignore the photo bomber on the left of the photo. Or don’t.

You can just grin at it like I did.


8.27.2012—Me and all of my belly glory. I actually…love being preggo. Not many women do. I do. I haven’t been able to enjoy this pregnancy as much as I should. I’m constantly worrying something will go wrong. Stupid I know, but there you have it.


8.28.2012—Ah…yes. This was the day of the first glucose test. I did find out the results of the 3-hour test. Will share soon. When the bruises on my arm heal from all the blood draws.


8.29.2012—Bacon wrapped cocktail weenies. Ever had them? Sooooo…bad for you. Soooooo….good to eat.


8.30.2012—I asked him where his teeth were. Isn’t he smart?


8.31.2012—This picture doesn’t do the bow justice. It’s something I made for Sage. Why?

I’ll tell yoooouuuuu soon!


9.1.2012—A wreath I made for my twin. It’s a straw wreath wrapped in burlap. With 3 rose burlap flowers wrapped in tulle…and beads glued all the way around. Made for under $10. The beautiful model holding the wreath? I made her too…She cost way more than $10. She’s priceless. And mine {and her Daddy’s too of course}!



  1. OK...OK...OK This just isn't fair to keep your momma hanging on like this. I am, however, anxious to see more pictures of my babies!!

  2. I hope you passed your glucose test but on the plus side.....if you didn't, those bacon wrapped cocktail weenies are something you can eat as many as you want with GD!!!!