Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Way back…

I posted a picture that was asking what was wrong with it.

Yes…this one:


Did you figure it out?

Here’s some help. I’ll point to the area of the problem:

2012-03-09_17-36-12_693 edit

Now do you see it?


Buckle fracture.

On the first day of spring break for my kids.

How did it happen?

At the park, Shayne and her friends were playing. Shayne held onto this “zip line” toy. One of her friends pushed her to slide her down it. She fell and landed on, you guessed it, her wrist. Well, actually, she landed and tried to catch herself. Which is why the wrist “buckled.” Get it?

So that was Friday the 9th of March.

She got a splint and we had to call the Dr. on Monday.

So Monday, we head into the Dr. office.

The nurse tells us that there is red or “mystery” color for the cast. Well of course Shayne picked mystery color.

Guess what it was?




The Dr. had a cool suggestion for it though. Which we did.




Shayne also came up with her own joke.

“Mom. I know why I broke my wrist.”

“Why Shayne?”

“Because it’s spring break. Get it? break?”

Yeah. Shayne. I got it.


  1. The cast is looking quite pretty. Good joke Shayne...not keeping her down one bit is it!

  2. Where's the picture of where I signed? No love for Aunt B.