Friday, March 16, 2012

Our family vacation…

For spring break this year, we decided to keep it fairly simple.

We drove a little ways and stayed the night at place that has swimming and slides and fun!!

And the kid suite that we stayed in, fit us perfectly.

No more talking. Here are some photos!

(ONE LAST THING…I’m only going to say that I didn’t take the “good” camera. I took my little camcorder that also does pictures…and is waterproof!)

SAM_0224 SAM_0225SAM_0226 SAM_0227SAM_0228 SAM_0232SAM_0234 SAM_0223SAM_0236 SAM_0240SAM_0246 SAM_0252SAM_0263 SAM_0270SAM_0273

 SAM_0290 SAM_0284


  1. Looks like everyone was having a blast!!

  2. And Doodles couldn't get her cast wet. Bummer.