Thursday, February 2, 2012

Groundhog’s Day…big whoop…I can top that!

Yes, yes I can top Groundhog’s day. How you ask?

It was the day I met and introduced someone to the rest of the world…

Portrait Innovations 10-5-06 448

Yes. That is me. Holding a less-than-two-hour-old baby. Which baby?


The one that made me wait a day past my due date.

Portrait Innovations 10-5-06 459

The one that crawled funny, because she didn’t like the hardwood floors on her knees.

Portrait Innovations 10-5-06 467

The one that talks from when she wakes up, to when she closes her eyes.

Portrait Innovations 10-5-06 360

The one that shares a birthday with her very loved Grandpa.


The one that looks the most like me (I think)…

Portrait Innovations 10-5-06 502 052

The one that just gets a kick out of life…

P3290635 033 copy 

Portrait Innovations 10-5-06 410 copy IMG_1147

The one that is just a bit more ornery than the others…

Portrait Innovations 10-5-06 344 IMG_2469

The one that loves water…

P6101299 PIC_0008

The one that snuck her lambie into school on her first day of preschool with the backpack that was bigger than her that she picked out…

P8210021 P8210035

The one that has her own sense of style…


The one that loves cheerleading and softball…

099 copy IMG_1272

The one that will forever be my walking talking whirlwind…


Stormy Maureen…



Happy Birthday!

Thank you for making the last 8 years even brighter than we had imagined!


  1. Happy Birthday to a one of a kind! Love you Stormy Maureen!!!