Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My art projects…

I get in these moods where I HAVE to make something. I don’t always finish things though.

I have a counted cross-stitch project I started 10 years ago that still isn’t done. I have more yarn than I know what to do with because I took up knitting/crocheting but never really got around to it. I have a tub of ribbon to make hair bows with. Well…that one is legit. I do make hair bows still. What else?

I LOVE creating invites. This is something I really, REALLY enjoy. I found this out when I got to make Shayne’s 1st birthday invites. Her theme (yes…addicted to themes!) was ducky. Other invites I have created?

Shayne invite for blog 

Cooper's invite copy blog

I also do thank you’s!

Cooper's thank you copy

What else?

I sold my scrapbooking stuff—ALL OF IT—because…I had too many hobbies. I miss scrapbooking. BUT—I found digital scrapbooking. Which makes sense because all of my photos are on hard-drives and not prints.

I still do photography. I still have sooo much to learn in that field. It’s a little intimidating. Or a lot. BUT what I have learned, seems to work.

73 copy 54 copy

I also love to do stuff with canvas.  For example:

Can you see the face in this:


I didn’t plan it that way. But that’s how it came out. One more creation:


I LOVE that one. Curious how I did those?


It’s melted crayon:


Kinda cool right?

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