Monday, January 23, 2012

My oldest child…

is seriously pretty.

Biased you say?

Yeah. I am.

BUT have you ever met someone and thought instantly, “Holy smokes. She is pretty!” And then you talk to them and you think, “Holy smokes. She may be a little pretty on the outside but all the ugly on the inside ruins it!”

I have met people like that.

I have also met people that weren’t too shabby looking—not what a magazine would call a model, but their personalities were so beautiful they seemed absolutely heaven-like in appearance.

Have you met anyone like that?

106 310

Look no farther. Not only is my kid blessed in the looks department (ahem) but her personality…makes her absolutely gorgeous!!

IMG_9241 bw

She hears us tell her how pretty she is. So she gets that. BUT what she hears more than anything about looks is what a good person she is. I think that makes all the difference. She isn’t a snotty-10-year-old that has been convinced her looks are more important than who she is.

She is, my Shayne Emily. The prettiest Shayne I ever saw…inside and out.