Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Some randoms thoughts and happenings…

I am trying to get back to normal. I haven’t felt much like doing anything. BUT…continuing on that path doesn’t suit me. Not for a long term purpose anyways. So…here are few things that have been going on…

We did take the kids to see Santa. A few times actually. Once was at a mall. That was the trial run. We didn’t stop for photos.

The second time was to my brother-in-law’s pancake breakfast at his work. This is an annual thing.



The third time was down the street at a neighbor’s house at a Christmas party. If you wanted Santa to hand  your kiddo a present, you just had to drop it off before the party. Which Santa always delivers does (s)he not?


* I just learned that if you do Sleeping half-moon ( s ) it makes the moon symbol. Sleeping half-moonDid you know that? You have to not have spaces in between the s and the (). Go ahead and try…See? Told ya. Very cool Sleeping half-moon.

The fourth (and final) time was at the mall (a different mall than the first). This was the photo moment. Yep. Stormy wouldn’t stop talking. Cooper only got brave at the end. He kept rubbing his hand on Santa’s arm.


I had a shoot in the mix as well. A sweet little girl named Stallone. Is the name to die for or what? I love it!! And she is especially cute. And sorry about the teaser. I’m not quite ready to share those pics…you know…since I haven’t shown her momma yet!

I wasn’t in the best picture taking mood for Christmas this year.

Christmas Eve, we did our 2nd traditional big dinner. More like a Thanksgiving dinner, but what’s not to be thankful for? I have a lovely family and food and clothes and home…and…you get the idea. I have tons to be thankful for. So we have a turkey dinner on Christmas eve.

Also—my twin does NOT know how to use my camera. I should’ve set it to auto for her and just dealt with the flash… And no…I didn’t edit this pic. I didn’t have make-up on. This was the day after the D & C.I love all the kids’ expressions.




My twin and her crew:


Santa even stopped by.



  1. Love this one!! (Isn't this the same Santa (mall) that you have every year?