Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Christmas card…

So I think everyone has received the Christmas cards I sent out… For those that I missed, Here it is:

Christmas card sample 5 copy

(The card actually looks much better than what the blog upload is making it look…but you catch the drift of it)

I thought I would share a few more photos from that particular shoot… (yes…you have seen some of these before I think)

Hard to believe that this little sweetie was being a total stinker for this shoot:


This girl could be a model. No I’m not being biased. She really is that pretty. Okay…maybe a little biased.


My poser. She finally is starting to smile like a normal person. I love her so much. 


This child…was a dancing machine for most of the shoot. Guesses why?


Oh Connor boy…and your faux hawk. I love it!!!


A picture that ALMOST made the card:


And the UN-Christmas card: Let’s go over it in detail after you take a peek…


1. Stormy and Connor were having a squeeze each other’s hands to breaking point contest. Neither won.

2. Cooper had just pulled a handful of Shayne’s hair. She was still laughing at him. He was in a funk that day! Oh- and yes. Shayne really is that good of a big sister. She doesn’t sweat the small stuff with the little ones.

3. Why Sage was dancing in all the pics…yep. She had to potty.

I love that picture actually. It is such a real moment. Not that I would send that one out on the cards or anything. But I did wanna share. I do not have the easiest shoots with my kids, so when you come see me and are stressed because your kiddo doesn’t want to pose exactly right…trust me…I get it.