Sunday, September 18, 2011

Answers to the guessing game…

Remember the post I did about pictures and where they were taken? Yeah..this one.


Ready for the answers?


This picture was taken at my step-mother-in-law’s daughter’s house. Say that fast 5 times. Shew. And my step-mother-in-law made those darling dresses for my girls. TALENTED is what she is!

2. IMAG1434

This picture was taken with me holding my hand up and Cooper flinging his sweet little legs with laughter while waiting for the kids to get out of school. Yes…we were in the dreaded pick-up line at school.

3. IMAG1550

You may not believe this one. We were in the bathroom at Babies R’ Us. Seriously funny stuff. Sage had to potty and needed help up on the toilet {these toilets sit kinda high if you ask me but I’m only 5 foot so maybe it’s just me}. I needed to put Cooper somewhere. They have these seats on the wall for just such occassions. It made me giggle seeing him sitting there!


Guesses on that one?…At the Dr’s office. Connor took it with my cell phone. It’s just a reflection of the lights and the window. Kinda cool if you ask me.


This was taken down by my oldest sister’s house when we were visiting a couple months ago. I love it.


My big boy sitting in the front of the cart…This was taken at Sears that was being re-converted to a K-Mart.


This was taken during our family vacation to Texas. At the top of the Tower of Americas. Yeah…it was that windy.


I love, LOVE this picture. Paul and I stopped at a jobsite that we thought his dad was working. We were right. Grandpa showed Sage the horn on his truck. Her face was what happened in response to it. He’s a cool Grandpa like that.



This was taken with my cell phone. I was trying to get the sunset. It is…at a cemetery. It’s very…quiet…very…I don’t have the right words to explain it.



This was taken…from my front porch!



So did you guess any of those right before I posted the answers?


  1. I thought those dresses looked like something Linda would make. She's amazing. I have a Linda original as well (the bridesmaid skirt from Kristen's wedding).

  2. The only one I got right was the one at the pool! I really just like looking at the pics of my beautiful grandkids!

  3. Awesome pics sissy. And I knew where they were :)