Thursday, August 11, 2011


Today is a special day. Without this day, I wouldn’t exist.

So a very Happy Birthday wish goes out to my Momma. And her twin. My Aunt.

I know who is who in the first one. My mom is holding her baby the “right” way. My Aunt is holding her baby doll in a more unconventional way.  I have no idea who is who in the one that their Daddy is holding them.

old 1 old 4

Happy Birthday Mom.


Love ya more than you know.

And Aunt Charlene…


Love you too.

Hope you both have a great birthday.

Neither of you look a day over _________. Whatever age you want to say. I’m cool like that! HA!


  1. Thanks Debbie! Oh, on the picture where Daddy is holding us, I am on the right (Charlene always had more hair than me)!!

  2. 2 very awesome women. Well done Sissy!