Monday, August 22, 2011

That post that was messed up…

At the end of this post right here, I said something was wrong with it.

Did you figure it out?

Go ahead and click here and then come back…




Yep. I’m still here.

Did you figure it out?

I missed a day.

Haven't missed a single day until then.

So sad.

What else was in that post that needs following up on?



Obviously sandals of some kind. Which kind?

The kind that my very creative 9-year-old daughter made.

Out of duct tape.

No joke.

What else…

Oh yes.

What was off in this picture?


A certain two-year-old helped with some of the silverware. And by help I mean, she tossed it in the drawer. In the middle…do you see where there are forks and other utensils? Do you also see where they are supposed to go? Who cares though right? At least she was helping. sigh.


  1. sorry you missed a day! Keep up the blogging though...I really enjoy reading it!

  2. Where the picture of Gus-Gus? And I keep finding things in funny places after your babies stay!