Tuesday, August 23, 2011

THE FAIR IS {or was} HERE!

Yep. The beginning of August means county fair time! The last hooray before school starts. And of course we went. It had looked like it was going to storm so I was too sure about going but I’m glad we did.

As usual, the first thing we do is take a group picture. Two reasons.

1.) I like to have this group picture.

2.) If anything were to happen, such as a kid wondering off, I can show the appropriate people a photo that was taken when we got there. This didn’t happen this time but I do take a group photo anytime I take all the darlings somewhere that we could get separated {that’s one of the biggest Mommy tips I share!}.


This was a big year for little sassy pants. She got to ride some of the rides!! We didn’t buy her a wristband like the big ones. The wristband lets you ride the rides unlimited. Otherwise it is $1 per ticket and each ride costs about 3 tickets.


Oh fair food…funnel cake…with cherries on it. This was after the nachos and corn dogs.


What did Coop do?


Just sat around.

The kids rode the rides.IMAG1326IMAG1331



IMAG1357 IMAG1358 IMAG1361 IMAG1363 

We left the fair after much fun. Much food. Much…tired.


p.s. do you want to see video from the fair too? It’s the kids on one of the rides they did about 10 times. It’s kind of funny I think…but the choice is yours! Let me know if you want to see it!

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