Thursday, August 25, 2011

The never ending parade…

That’s a comment I have heard when I go on walks with my kids.

I went for a walk with the darlings {the 10th according to the time stamp from my cell phone images} because it was so nice out. What it always looks like is Shayne is in the lead. Followed by Stormy. And then Connor. Most of the time.


Sometimes he gets behind though. It’s hard work peddling those little legs on that little bike. Yes. He has a bigger bike. He doesn’t like it though.


So what happens when he gets tired?

He stops in the middle of the sidewalk and takes “jus’ a little break Mom.”


I totally feel his pain.

I am pushing the stroller with 41 pounds of cute in it. {Cooper is 16lbs. Sage is 25lbs} I swear the stroller weighs 50 lbs. empty. Okay so not that much…but it isn’t light!


With the weather getting so lovely in the evenings, we will be doing lots of family walks.

The family that walks together…

goes home tired and ready for baths and bed!