Friday, August 26, 2011

Connor’s {second} first day of Kindergarten…

So last week Connor started kindergarten for the second time. He was still recovering from his “bug.” He wasn’t running a fever or anything or else I would not have sent him. He just wasn’t completely…him. He was quiet. Which…isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

He looked so cute.


I was worried that he would look…not like a kindergartener. Since he has already done kindergarten. Seems silly now.


He found his locker.


Went into the classroom and knew exactly what he was supposed to do.


Now this week?

Has been horrible.

He doesn’t want to go to school and cries every morning. He’s fine at school {I’ve been told}. Except for one day when he was upset. They let him go see Shayne. And Shayne being the best big sister ever…gave him a hug and told him it would be okay. And then…he was fine.

He can’t go to school today…which is a long story, but I am really hoping the fit throwing doesn’t last for long.


  1. He is such a lucky guy to have Shayne for a big sister. She's the best big sister I have ever met!

  2. Jen is right! He will catch on soon enough we hope that the fits won't do!

  3. Syd is in Kdg. again, too! Should be a breeze for them this time around!!!

  4. Such a handsome guy. On his terms. On his time. Life is just going to have to deal with it.