Monday, July 18, 2011

The first day at my sister’s house…

So we left my Mom’s after only one night stay. I know she appreciated that since she just had knee surgery a short time ago. Having my kids there to entertain doesn’t help in the recovery process.

So out we went.

The kids all had a few more firsts there.

For example…

That cutie in the middle?


Got his first tooth on this day. {7.12.2011}

And the first time I let my niece’s carry Cooper around. Well…the older one got too. It was really funny that they were fighting over who got to hold him. Well…they were and my sister wanted to hold him and my nephew, Cole wanted to too!

Another first for my crew?

Involves this:


What is it?

Here Connor is mixing it up.


Here is the crew heading out to take care of some business. {They started calling the calves as they were walking. WOOP WOOP. Seriously funny because now…they do it at home all the time!}


And my girls got to feed the calves {are they still called that when bucket feeding?"} for the first time!

IMG_0666  IMG_0670

Not the calves first time of course. My girls!


Another first: Shayne got licked by the calf.


And she was totally disgusted by it. She called the dog, Layla, over and had her lick the cow slobber off.


A first for me? {and the kids}

Seeing this:


After their “milk” was gone from the bucket the calves tried nursing off of each other.

Kinda funny right?

It was a good day of firsts for all.


AND guess what I brought to town there?


Much, much needed rain.

It seems that whenever I travel somewhere, I bring the rain.

It didn’t rain much. But every drop makes a difference.

Ask a farmer.

They can confirm that.

The next day has a couple of more firsts!

Stay tuned!


  1. This is sooo funny and I absolutely loved the pics!!

  2. Look at all those lovely girls and the very lucky little boy in the center.