Friday, July 1, 2011

6.21—Day 3 of our vacation

Don’t worry. There aren’t a million parts to this day.

There could be.

But I’m not going to do that to you.


So here is our family of 7. Heading to Sea World. This was the beginning of a l.o.n.g day. We are all ready and excited. I’m the only one that has ever been to a Sea World. I so excited to see what the others think!

Our first stop was the dolphin pool area.


When no one was looking Sage got into the sunscreen. She put it on her face and {ahem} in her eyes. We poured water on her head and asked some EMT’s walking by if they had any saline solution we could have to help her. I poured more water over her head which made her cry. And cry. And cry. And voila…no more sunscreen in her eyes. That’s what the EMT’s were hoping would happen.

We went inside the shark/fish tank areas. Paul was holding the camera almost the whole time. Just the little camera so excuse some of the quality!

The kids were so pumped when they saw… “Nemo!!!!!!!”

Paul got a picture of the sharks. The kids were wondering why they weren’t eating the other fish. Paul explained… “They aren’t hungry. They are really well fed so they don’t eat their friends swimming around them.”

Even Cooper liked the fish! He would get so excited when a fish would swim close and start flapping and then…the fish would swim away.

Any guesses on what this is?

We walked back by the dolphins…

And of course, we headed to the Shamu show.

I understand why the trainers don’t get in the tanks any longer. But the show that I went to many moons ago…was much cooler.

The flamingos were right by the killer whales or whale killers {as Connor calls them}.

Connor, Shayne and Stormy all rode the Shamu Express!

We headed to another show with a walrus and seal and otter.

I got really, really sick during the show. I was sitting on the concrete trying to not get sick. I made it to the end of the show and then…

An employee asked me if I needed an EMT. Nope. Just water. I was suffering with…heat exhaustion. Despite drinking plenty of water and trying to stay cool…the TEXAS heat had a negative impact on yours truly. I guess the nursing the baby and pushing the stroller and carrying the two-year-old and the walking and heat was a tad too much.

We went to the water park area of the pool right after I got sick. It was nice to sit in the little pool while Paul took the big girls down the water slides. Connor just ran and played. Cooper was super happy to just splash around. And what about Sage?

She took that time to get some Z’s.

After the water park closed (really early if you ask me) Sage got to ride her first carousel ride. With her Daddy of course.

We went and watched the last Shamu show before we headed out.

It was a long, LONG day at Sea World.

Full of memories.

The next day we headed out again for the second part of our vacation.


  1. Wonderful pics. Sucks you got sick. Maybe next time, we'll drink more water, eat more and go during the off season so it's not hotter than Hades.