Monday, June 27, 2011

Vacation 101: Don’t plan to leave on time.

We had planned to leave late Saturday night.

I was busy cleaning like a maniac {there is nothing worse than coming home to a mess of a house after being gone for any length of time} and packing and cleaning and packing. You get the idea.

Paul went to bed to get a few hours of sleep before we left. We decided to push back the time even more because there were nasty storms rolling through.

I finally finished the last ounce of laundry and packing and got Paul up. It was after 1AM. So much for leaving Saturday. It was now technically Sunday. Paul got ready and loaded up the car.

Something big that was happening before we even left town?


Yep. Coop got a new big boy car seat. He had outgrown his carrier length wise. He is no where near the weight limit or anything. His feet were hanging off the end of the carrier though. So I researched and found that one on a few websites. The cheapest website though? overstock. {No—I’m not being compensated for this post. I just wanted to share the good deal!} I ADORE the colors on this seat. It has plenty of padding. Easy to adjust straps. It was and is perfect!

So Paul got the big boy car seat all installed while I woke the kids up to load up.

We got on the road at 3AM. And then we turned around before leaving our subdivision. I forgot the cash.

We hit the road officially then. I had been awake for over 24 hours by this point. Mama was T.I.R.E.D.

So I napped off and on. We had to stop a few times for feedings and diaper changes and potty breaks and etc. The kids did fantastic on the trip to our first location. It was supposed to be 12 hours according to the navigation system {aka my cell phone}. It took us 14. Man…was I happy when we got there.

Wanna see what we saw on the way to our hotel?IMAG0951

Shayne said, “Look! Someone colored on their fence!!”

Something else my kids haven’t seen {and if they have, they don’t remember}:

So we got to the hotel and checked in and everything is just how I planned. There are two queen (or full) beds and one sofa that can be a bed.

Why did I tell you that?

Because I’m sure some of you were wondering how we could sleep all of us in one room.

The big girls got the bed. Connor got the sofa bed. Cooper had his own pack-n-play that we brought. Paul and I in one bed. Sage slept where we could get her to. Either in the bed with the girls. Or Connor. Or on the chair that we pulled up to our bed so she wouldn’t fall.IMG_1554IMG_1551IMG_1552

Piece of cake.

I have discovered that my kids qualify vacation as going to a hotel that has a pool.

They could’ve told us that sooner and it would’ve saved lots of $$$! HA!

So here is a little video of the kids at the hotel pool the night that we got there.

What did we do the next day?


  1. I soooo enjoyed the video (especially of the little dancer)!!!

  2. Looks like a great vacation!

  3. Look, they're sleeping! Finally! Yay!