Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Besides swimming…the actual vacation…

It’s no secret where we went now.


Have you ever been there?


It is a lot smaller than it seemed in the text books.

And no. There are no photos of the inside of the Alamo. Cameras are not allowed. I did see one fellow take one with his cell and he was quickly asked to not do that again. This is a memorial to those that lost their lives here.

Did you know this part of history is not being taught as it should be? As in…some teachers don’t even mention it.



A very nice lady asked if we would like our photo taken. We said sure.


I almost didn’t post it because…ugh. Holy fatness Batman.

And yes. Paul and I did take turns carrying Coop in his pack.

I like the photos of me holding him though.

You can’t see how squishy I am. Well you can. It just looks cuter with him over it.

IMG_9303 for blog

And on the sneak peek were you wondering about this photo?


Yep. It’s my feet. And Coop’s legs.

Cooper learned something recently. Sage used to do it. I’ll find that video clip of her and show you but for now, here is Coop’s version:

IMG_9326 for blog

This was only part I of our day.

The next part involves more walking. A lot more. And it was hot. Let me rephrase that. It was TEXAS HOT. So what did we do?


  1. OMG...I remember that face! Cooper, you sure made me smile!!

  2. So the pic of Cooper and Paul - cracks me up.