Sunday, June 5, 2011

Those picture challenges…

If I could put as much effort into my weight loss challenge as I do into my photo challenge I would be back into my skinny clothes a long time ago. BUT one of them I enjoy. The other…not so much! HA!

So…where did we leave off?

Ah…yes. We are up to 5.18.2011. What do I have… And honestly as I am typing this, I am hoping I have all the pictures. I haven’t even checked yet. This should be interesting!

5.18.2011—Cooper in his car seat at a ballgame with his mesh carseat cover on him. It was raining. And yes…he likes to turn his paci sideways!


5.19.2011—This is how I roll at Target. Well…if I don’t have Connor with me. Normally it’s Connor sitting where you see Stormy at. This cart is h.e.a.v.y with my kids not in it. With them it adds {14lbs for Cooper. 35lbs for Stormy. 25 for Sage.} A lot.


5.20.2011—Man. I just can’t get enough of this sweet boy!


5.21.2011—I only took 2 pictures all day. The other one is Sage naked. So here is the “good” one.


5.22.2011—Not bad for a cell phone image.


5.23.2011—Stormy getting her awards at school. Sorry it’s blurry. Holding a Coop and taking pictures with the small camera makes for a wiggly pic!


5.24.2011—LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!!IMG_8211


31 weeks

5.26.2011—Shayne loves playing on the computer!


5.27.2011—This one makes me smile.


5.28.2011—I took a picture of the bumper stickers on this truck to show Paul. It didn’t turn out well.


5.29.2011—He is doing better with eating his food. But he still makes faces. Funny faces!


5.30.2011—I know I’ve shared this one already, but it makes me laugh!


5.31.2011--My twinkie and I at our birthday dinner. It was her, myself and all 5 of my children.IMAG0835

6.1.2011—All 5 kids were in bed with me for some reason.


6.2.2011—Just becauseIMAG0847

6.3.2011—First visit to the pool this summer! {More to come on this one!}



I have a whole bunch from this date! I just haven’t pulled them off of the camera yet! So I will post some from this date later today. Promise.

6.5.2011—After a morning feeding he fell asleep in my arms. Melts me I tell ya!


Again…caught up. Even for today’s. I just need to post yesterdays now. I will get on that during nap time for the kids today!