Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The second part of our first full day on vacation…

Man this is getting confusing!

After we toured the Alamo, I mentioned we did some walking…along the famous…RIVERWALK! That was my hint as to what we did.

Did you figure that out?

If not, that’s okay.

I’ll show you what I’m talking about.

Oh yes. Before I show you that I will show you a couple of things we saw on our walk to the Riverwalk.

First this:


San Fernando Cathedral. It is breathtakingly beautiful. And yes. That’s my head in the way. Paul took some of these pics for me with the good camera!

And this:

IMG_9422 for blog

It was hanging in a glass shop on our walk thru a hotel to get to the Riverwalk. It was just really cool.

“So where is the water in the alleged Riverwalk, Debbie?”

IMG_9400 for blogIMG_9405 for blogIMG_9476 for blogIMG_9471 for blogIMG_9474 for blog  IMG_9462 for blog

So the Riverwalk is exactly what it sounds like. You walk alongside a…river. There are hotels, shops and restaurants along the way. This picture is from a restaurant on the river:

IMG_9444 for blog

We didn’t eat there. Dick’s Last Resort was the name I believe. This particular restaurant has a different idea of customer service is what our server told us at Hard Rock Café {where we ate}. They serve up sarcastic humor along with the food. For example, if you ask for some sweetener, they bring you a whole box of it. If you ask for something they say they are out of it. So you switch and they tell you they are out of it too. They toss napkins at you. My twin and her crew ate there. They made them hats to where. And the server announced that, “Oooo…Mom has a tramp stamp!”

That restaurant would be funny in some cases. But not for me and my 5 kiddos on this particular day.

We also found something cool for Connor:

IMG_9494 for blogIMG_9411 for webIMG_9412 for web

The kids thought the ducks were the coolest things there. That and the boat tours you can take. We didn’t.

IMG_9440 for blogIMG_9443

And guess what?

Rid of Orange and Red


Told you our day was full.

PART III will be coming up soon! (There are IV parts to this day…just fyi!)


  1. Nice. You just announced to all of your blogging world that I have a stamp. Thanks Sissy. :) Love ya too.

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