Wednesday, June 29, 2011

PART III of the day I have been talking about…

This is going to get easier after I finish off this day. I promise.

So what did we do after walking the Riverwalk?

{aside from run into the convention center because there was a UTU convention. Leave it to Paul. We drive over 14 hours away and he still runs into people he knows…seriously! At least he got a free goody bag!}


IMG_9695Yep. We went up in the Tower of Americas. It is over 750ft tall. And the view?


So what did everyone think about it?

It was very windy on one side of the tower. But it was very, very cool!

IMG_9571 IMG_9658

Sage started this weird posing thing because she was trying to stay upright in the wind.

IMG_9595IMG_9600IMG_9568IMG_9613 for blogIMG_9619 IMG_9552

IMG_9645 bw

I’m in the next one. Can you see me?


Paul left something in a little shop there so he ran back to get it {the free goody bag he just got from the UTU convention!}. Since he still had his wrist band on he went up the tower with Connor one more time. He was snapping pictures of me and the kids from the elevator. Cool huh?

So there you have it. The kids played a couple of games in the lobby area of the tower. It is a highly recommended thing to do from me {no…they don’t know I exist. I’m just saying…do it if you ever get the chance!}

There is only one part left to this day that I want to show you.

It involves happy kids. And it made me smile and laugh too.


  1. Personally, I loved Sage's new pose and the view is amazing!

  2. Love the pic of Sage and Doodles.